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Accounting Services

Galop DV offers accounting services for domestic and foreign Companies which operate within the territory of Macedonia. The received accounting information on the basis of the business activities/events shall help the managers and owners see the financial balance. Regardless the size and type of our clients, Galop DV can always offer a flexible system which shall be adequate for the financial and accounting processes established within the organization, and in that regard the client shall have the opportunity to grow its business activities. Galop DV buffers and facilitates the work and communication with the local tax authorities and duly informs its clients for all important amendments within the local legislative concerning the areas of tax and finances.

The clients to who Galop DV renders its services operate in different industries, like the information technology, trade, industrial manufacturing, real-estate and construction, and professional services. Booking on monthly basis in accordance with the valid local and international standards on cooperative taxation and reporting for taxation purposes. The booking is performed with the cutting edge accounting systems in accordance with the Macedonian and international standards.