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Calculating Tax Liability

Depending on the business activity or the complexity of the corporative structure of our clients, the taxation can considerably influence every financial and business step taken by the client. Galop DV focuses towards the right approach for handling the tax risks, regardless the type of the organization and the industry in question.

Interpretation of the taxation Laws and the valid international Agreements necessary for communication with the tax authorities in Macedonia, with the sole purpose to minimize the tax risks with overall tax advisory services within the portion for effective solutions intended for specific business cases and consulting services relevant to the VAT, as well as corporative and personal taxation, withholding tax and all other direct and indirect taxes, local taxes and fees, along with real-estate taxes Tax advisory services relevant to the application of the Double Tax Avoidance Agreements and preparation of documentation for application of the same Agreements.

Part of our services that we render to our clients encompass representation in front of the tax authorities, including tax revisions and inspections, as well as support during the preparation and filling out the declaration forms and other forms intended for reporting requested by the tax authorities.

  • VAT
  • personal tax
  • дprofit tax
  • customs and excise taxes
  • social contributions