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Accounting Services

Galop DV offers accounting services for domestic and foreign Companies which operate within the territory of Macedonia.

Calculating Tax Liability

Depending on the business activity or the complexity of the corporative structure of our clients, the taxation can considerably influence every financial and business step taken by the client.

Financial Statements Preparation

The financial statements are the mere images of the companies and these images must represent the driving force for all future decision making.

Payroll and Social Contributions Calculation

Provides Payroll and Social Contributions Calculation using a state of the art system

Administration and Document Management

Galop DV offers administration services relevant for the registration/deregistration of employees within the Employment Agency.

Consulting Services

With focal objective to help and assist its clients to grow, Galop DV offers consulting and advisory services which provide support for the accounting and financial activities.

Budget Planning

Galop DV always provides to its clients analysis and projections of the standings within the Balance Sheets and Current Standings so that the management can better assess and envisage the future standing within the financial statements